Waves design


The Djillhis have just acquired a new visual distinctive sign! Since June 2019 I made in the heart of each central note a new apparence :

Djillhi central note Waves

At first the inspiration was lines of wood. But once realized in relief on my instruments, one can perceive many things there: Hills, waves, propagation waves, wood veins …
For me it reflects my attachment to nature, flow, heart.

To introduce you to this design, I have recorded some instruments from the studio mid-201, here are 2 of them


For the one who have not seen my video of making instruments yet, do not hesitate. Even if it misses a lot of the essence of my work, the passion, the exchanges, the life it makes me very happy to be able to share a little of the process with you.

Thank you for your interest! As I had a lot of fun to say when I was a kid: life is beautiful

With love,