Video or recording of Djillhi

Now I am creating alternately tailor-made instruments for the people who contacted me and people i meet on my way and instruments corresponding to my mood of the moment. I try to have always few instruments to test locally. I eventually sell an instrument on the “flash sale” page. If you want an instrument from me, just use the form of the contact page and i’ll be happy to take care of your needs. Depending on my availability at the moment it may take a little patience.


Just ask what scale you wish and we’ll look together what are the possibilities. I often make bottom notes and also occasionally mutants (instrument with lot of notes). On this page you’ll  be able to hear more than 20 different scales. I am very open to custom project and different scales.


Nitrided DC04

It’s the classic of handpan|Pantams. Well used it can do magic. Instruments with a strong and loud sound, a big dynamic range, a ceramic touch, a long sustain while keeping interesting for percussive style. I love to work with this material and until late 2019 (i started to offer Stainless  Steel) all Djillhis where mad out of this aloy.

The nitriding process is realised in Switzerland with my own recipe that I further ehance since 2015.

Stainless steel

This material produce instruments with a very very long sustain. It’s a joy to play for relaxation. I wouldn’t advise this material for a percussive or fast playing. But for what they are made for, they are mervellous, so enchanting. An other advantage of Stainless is, as the name suggest, it’s not prompt to rust.

Best with headphones or good installation

D Celtic minor


F Low Pygmy

F / G Ab C Eb F Ab G C

To see more videos : Click on the #central notes below

G3 central notes handpan scales

C harmonic minor (G central note) 2018

G/ C D Eb F G Ab B C D

G Oxalis 2017

G/ B C D E G B C D

G3 is until now the highest center note i ever did, but i definitely could make one with an A on request

F3 central notes handpan scales

F low pygmy 8+1

F / G Ab C Eb F Ab G C

F Integral 9 2018

F/ C Db Eb F G Ab C Db Eb

E3 central notes handpan scales

E kurd 13 2018

E/ (A) B C D (D#) E F# G A B (C) (D) (E)


E/ A B C D# E F# G B

E Low shunko

E/ A B C D E F# G B

on this video the E4 was not perfect it was corrected (port tuning was interfering) before it left to the client

D3 central notes handpan scales

D Celtic minor

D/ A C D E F G A C

D kurd

D Jailoy

D/ A Bb C D E F A C

D Satie major

D/ (G) A B C# D (E) F# G A C# (D)

D Hijaz 9

D/ A C D Eb F# G A C D

C#3 central notes handpan scales

C# Annaziska

Db/ G# A B Db Eb E F# G# A (B) (Db)

Db Mystery

Db/ G# A Db Eb E F# G# B

C# Celtic Minor triple C#

C#/ G# B C# D# E F# G# C#

YshaSavitah 9 2018

C#/ G# C C# D# F F# G# C C#
C3 central notes handpan scales

C Onoleo

C/ G Ab C E F G Ab C

C Celtic minor triple C

C/ G Bb C D Eb F G C
B2 central notes handpan scales

B Celtic minor triple B

B/ F# A B C# D E F# B

By now, B2 is the lowest central note i made, but i plan to work on stainless to experiment deeper scales

Stainless, big sustain

C# Pygmy Inox (STL)

C#/ F# G# A C# E F# G# A

It’s the first Djillhi in stainless. Others will come, and probably lower in pitch too 🙂

Last published instruments

D Satie Major

C Celtic Minor triple C

E Romanian Hijaz