I’m gonna be a dad very soon

  I'm going to be dad for the first time in mid-April!! It makes me happy! I want/need to take the time to welcome “our” child, to be completely here to get to know each other and take care of the whole family. I will [...]


Since April 2021 I have made a few instruments with an another kind of stainless steel called Ember steel I really enjoy working with this material and I love the result. Like this very low F#2 Pygmy: Ember will replace the AISI 430 stainless steel [...]
carte cours handpan

Apprendre le Handpan en Suisse romande

  Avec les années j’ai eu la chance de rencontrer de nombreuses personnes qui donnent des cours de Handpan en Suisse romande. Il y en a plusieurs d’entre eux avec qui j’ai eu un super feeling (ceux sur cette carte et liste). Ils sont passionnés [...]

Design by Victoria Suppan

  Here is the bottom of an instrument that Victoria Suppan painted. Victoria is an independent artist, she expresses herself in a wide variety of projects: painting, illustration, tattoo, graphic design, book cover ... The Feeling is good and it is an honor to be [...]


  At the beginning of 2020 during discussions with my clients in order to organise a gathering, to share more. I offered to make suggestions for improvement about my instruments, my communication with them, the website, and if they wanted to send me a feedback. [...]

Waves design

Hi, The Djillhis have just acquired a new visual distinctive sign! Since June 2019 I made in the heart of each central note a new apparence : At first the inspiration was lines of wood. But once realized in relief on my instruments, one can [...]

Some news!!! D AMARA 8 2019

Hey!! Everything is going really well at Djillhi's workshop. 2018 was a crazy beautiful year full of development, it was the first full year with only Djillhi work to pay the bills. And i am really excited to continue my experiment and build some great [...]