At the beginning of 2020 during discussions with my clients in order to organise a gathering, to share more. I offered to make suggestions for improvement about my instruments, my communication with them, the website, and if they wanted to send me a feedback.

I am honored to see that they are all satisfied with their instrument. You can read their feedback on this page. Constructive criticism often concerns the website or the media.

Here are some suggestions received and my thinking.

Being more present on online social networks:

It is true that my instruments are not very represented on virtual social networks. Part of it is a choice. I choose to invest more time in my creations, in the quality of the exchanges with my customers and also to save myself time for my girlfriend, my dog, my cat, to spend time in nature, cultivate awareness, learn, share… Online social networks are very time consuming. And I do not feel a strong need to be part of these communities. But from time to time I do appreciate these tools to discover, share knowledge and get feedbacks.

Create a section “recent instruments”:

It’s a very good idea. I’m going to add a “latest instruments section” to the scales page. And maybe even on the home page. ( I did it before i translated this article into english).

Create a “tailor-made, special instruments” section:

It’s also a very good idea. Unfortunately I only record a few instruments, it takes me a long time to set up the recording, adjust the microphones, the camera, synchronise the image and sound, publish the video, on the internet, on my site, for each language. This is why many of the instruments that I have made have never been recorded, as they are custom made, and that someone is waiting for them, I want to transmit them as soon as possible.

Show price:

Currently the average price is 2200 CHF (this price will be automatically updated if it change, it’s one of the things i did to be more transparent), however the price is variable, depending on the number of notes. This is a price below what is practiced in music stores for a quality that I let you be the judge. But more than quality, I would say, it’s a matter of taste, values, intentions… It is also quite an average price for Swiss artisans. On the other hand, it is slightly higher than the average of European artisans. But you have to imagine that making quality instruments takes much more time and attention and that the charges in Switzerland are considerably higher.

Answers from the satisfaction form:

Are you satisfied with the quality of your instrument (1 to 10)? : 9.47

Would you recommend Djillhi instruments to a friend (yes / no) ?: 100% yes

How do you “judge” the quality of the exchanges and discussions with Jérémie (1 to 10)? : 9.4

Did you easily find the information you wanted on my website (1 to 10)?: 7.42

How did you discover Djillhi instruments: