Flash sales

If you see it it's available

It’s always great to share about my passion and expand the Djillhi family. Contact me via the form down below if you would like to order an instrument or if you would like to organise a visit. I am open to custom scales too. The most efficient way to get an instrument is to contact me via the form below or via Email (info@djillhi.com).

The average price for a 8+1 noter is 2200 CHF and the actual waiting time is 9-11 months + shipping.

Given my waiting list, I no longer take orders before 2023 (in February the wait will be 4-5 months), on site I have some nitrided steel instruments, available immediately. These are instruments that I kept until now in demonstration which are available immediately and great for beginners.

I will not be available from October 3 to 17, 2022. See you soon.

    Check the FAQ this could answer some of your questions

    Flash sales 

    Right now my instruments are only available on order. Sometimes, but i must admit it’s rare, I put an instrument to sell on this very page.

    If you happen to be interested by an instrument you see on this page, Use  “Flash Sale and the scale of the instrument” as a subject of the message below or of an Email (info@djillhi.com).

    i’ll post instruments to sell directly here so keep checking it here some time or you can also subscribe to my newsletter (on the bottom right of this website).